About Zoom Design.

Zoom Design provides a wide array of services to cover all of your
Graphic & Web Design needs.

Why choose Us.

Our customers choose Zoom Design for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, we know what we are doing! We have a great sense of design, are technically up-to-speed, and deliver the goods in a cost effective and timely manner. We work closely with our customers, always trying to make the experience a good one.

Our Mission.

At Zoom, our primary goal is to make our customers happy - it all begins and ends there. In the midst of this, we also aim to provide marketing collateral that is visually appealing and adds value to our customers.

What we Do.

Zoom solves many of your design needs. We design logos, business cards, flyers and other printed materials. We design and code websites, set-up email marketing campaigns and create great social media images. If we can't do what you want in-house, we reach out to our amazing network of artists and vendors to get your job done.

Barbara Schwartz
Lead Designer

Barbara Schwartz

Barbara Schwartz, lead designer at Zoom Design, has been working with the Art of Communication for over 20 years. Barbara began taking photos with a Kodak Instamatic given to her by her father at age 6. Always interested in arts and crafts, Barbara spent a good part of her childhood laying out scrapbooks with cut out magazine graphics and letters, colored stickers and tapes, combined with the photos she took. Entering college as an Art student, Barbara took a Japanese language class and fell in love with all things Japanese. She pursued this line of study for the next 10 years earning a Masters Degree from Georgetown University in International Relations. As fate would have it, while working for Geostar as an International Marketing manager in Washington, DC her boss put a new machine on her desk - the brand new Apple Macintosh computer. Completely smitten by its capablilities, Barbara quickly changed her vocation, followed her passion and became a "Desktop Publisher". 25 years later, Barbara is proud to offer her customers a full range of graphic and website design, printing, photography and marketing services.

Located in the Napa Valley, California, Zoom Design has customers worldwide. Give Barbara a call, or drop her an email today to discuss how Zoom Design can help you reach your digital marketing and design goals.